1. Should I book a cruise or an all inclusive resort?

This is a matter of opinion.  All inclusive resorts offer one price for your entire vacation.  Cruises on the other hand may offer a more convenient (hassle free) way to travel if you do not have to fly to the departure point.  Cruises also offer ability to visit multiple islands in 1 vacation.  Call or email today, and we will help you decide what is the best vacation for you.

3. Do cruises charge for children?

Yes, unless you book during a select promotion, cruises do charge for 3rd, 4th, & 5th guests regardless of their ages.

4. Where should we travel to?

That depends on what you enjoy, action & adventure or peace and tranquility.  Call or email us today and we will guide you through these decisions.


2. Do I need a passport to take a cruise?

This depends.  If your cruise returns to the same port it departs from you do not need a passport.  However, some islands may require a passport and in the event you are sick, injured, or miss your ship, you will need a passport to fly home.  For more information, visit: